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Ship's Name Service ETA In Out
CSCL ATLANTIC OCEAN AEX1 05/02/2016 0007 W 0008 E
MANHATTAN BRIDGE AEX12 05/02/2016 02 W 02 E
CMA CGM NEVADA AEX3 07/02/2016 034FL W 057FL E
CSCL SATURN AEX7 08/02/2016 0039 W 0039 E
COSCO NETHERLANDS AEX13 10/02/2016 011 W 011 E
AL DAHNA AEX1 10/02/2016 1602 W 1602 E
YM WELLNESS AEX12 11/02/2016 03 W 03 E
CMA CGM TITAN AEX4 13/02/2016 025FF W 026FF E
COSCO SPAIN AEX13 14/02/2016 010 W 010 E
CMA CGM JULES VERNE AEX3 14/02/2016 036FL W 059FL E
MACKINAC BRIDGE AEX12 18/02/2016 03 W 03 E
CSCL GLOBE AEX1 20/02/2016 0011 W 0012 E
CSCL STAR AEX7 20/02/2016 0047 W 0048 E
COSCO ITALY AEX13 21/02/2016 009 W 009 E
CMA CGM OTELLO AEX3 21/02/2016 054EP W 069EP E

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19.01.2016 Al Zubara voy. 1551W Service Announcement

27.05.2014 - China Customs Advance Manifest (CCAM) Rules
English version

27.05.2014 - China Customs Advance Manifest (CCAM) Rules
Chinese version


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