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With effect from 1st March 2016 all Bills of Lading issued by China Shipping agents will be claused to reflect that the carrier's name is changed to Cosco Container Line. Any bills of lading issued by China Shipping (UK) Agency from 1st March 2016 are as agent for the carrier Cosco Container Lines Co., Ltd. - see notice herewith.
Further update!!  With AL MASHRAB not making a UK call, import cargo arrived via Rotterdam on MACKINAC BRIDGE 04W which berthed Thursday 28th 23.29hrs.


Ship's Name Service ETA In Out
AL MASHRAB AEX7 No UK call 1612 W 1612 E
CMA CGM AQUILA AEX4 01/05/2016 047FF W 048FF E
CMA CGM MAGELLAN AEX3 01/05/2016 056FL W 081FL E
THALASSA NIKI CEM 01/05/2016 0872 W 0872 E
CSCL URANUS AEX13 02/05/2016 055 W 055 E
YM WINNER AEX11 02/05/2016 005 W 005 E
AL DAHNA AEX1 05/05/2016 1614 W 1614 E
MILLAU BRIDGE AEX12 05/05/2016 06 W 06 E
CSCL SATURN AEX7 06/05/2016 0041 W 0042 E
CMA CGM AMAZON EPIC 07/05/2016 076EP W 091EP E
THALASSA AXIA CEM 07/05/2016 0873 W 0873 E
COSCO SPAIN AEX13 08/05/2016 011 W 011 E
CMA CGM TITAN AEX3 08/05/2016 058FL W 083FL E
EVER LADEN AEX11 09/05/2016 0158-020 W 0158-020 E
YM WITNESS AEX12 12/05/2016 05 W 05 E
CSCL INDIAN OCEAN AEX1 13/05/2016 0011 W 0012 E

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New SOLAS VGM regulations w.e.f. 01.07.2016

SOLAS VGM regulations Q and A - v2 - 08.04.2016

01.03.2016 Integration between COSCON and CSCL in progress

UK Demurrage & Detention Charges w.e.f. 1st March 2016

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